Quality/Reliability Engineer Job - Lake Orion

Quality/Reliability Engineer Job — Lake Orion

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Quality/Reliability Engineer:QUA0001184

Responsible for tests and procedures in assuring product reliability where decisions are made within the limits of general practices and standards. May exercise technical direction over support personnel. Use independent judgment but can receive some direct guidance from the supervisor.

Planning and Vision

: Planning and Direction for Daily Activities
: Implement the Quarterly Goals and BPD
: Optimize Time to ensure coverage of QE Responsibilities and Production Floor Support


: Follow all Site Safety Guidelines


: Develop Vacation Coverage Plan and back up strategy with QE Lead.
: Increase Quality related skills or organization through attainment of red:x certification, GMS apprenticeship, Quality skills assessment completion, and professional society certification. Implement a cross:training plan for Quality Engineers to meet plant, VAE, SQ objectives.
: Complete Go:Fast Requirements
: Complete Suggestion Plan Requirements


: Ensure Proactive Planning activities such as PFMEA cross:functional team Involvement, PQS Development and Development of Best Practice Supplier CPSC (Control Plan Special Characteristics)
: Develop and Implement a Standardized Work Task List
: Team Member or Leader for a VOC Bucket Team
: Participate in the Change Management Process
: Communicate Emerging Issues Summary for Responsible Components Daily to QEGL
: Coordinate Supplier Quality Yard Sweeps
: Coordinate Repair, Rework and Containment Activities for Identified Spills
: Participate in High Risk Supplier Phone Call
: Validate Supplier Scrap Disposition (Supports when required or at High Cost Levels SAC cover on daily basis)
: Issue Temp Work Orders
: Develop and Maintain Product Quality Standards for commodities/processes
: Ensure Appropriate Identification of KPCs and KCCs
: Support APQP and Supplier Readiness including PPAP (Understand and support SQE on specified commodities / understand status of assigned commodities)
: Creates PDFs and gains approval to PRTS though the CPIT Process
: Diamond 4 through 7 Problem Solving for All VOC Metrics through RC and ICA
: Perform SORP Specification Check and Assembly Process Verification activity per Corp Procedure
: Viewed by other Resources Teams and Suppliers as Problem Solver Support Resource
: Participates in ISO Audits
: Facilitate the PTR Process, documenting concerns Material/Prod Control Facilitate, QE ME and PCC jointly support PTR activity
: Supports Controlled Shipping Activity
: Facilitates all Supplier Visits to Manufacturing Facility
: Communicate Lessons Learned to SMTs and Validation Teams
: Develop Sufficiency Plans to meet established VOC Targets for Assigned Components and Systems


: Assure attendance of commodity issues at respective Care, GCA, Nerve center Quality Reviews
: Support PIT/IRT During Launch
: Attend Appropriate Area Countermeasure Meeting
: Support